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January 25-28, 2018 - Premiere at Velocity Dance Center, The Bridge Project (Seattle, WA)

May 10-12, 2019 - New Expressive Works, Shaun Keylock Company (Portland, OR)

Oct 25-27, 2019 - glitch: hybridized dance performance (Seattle, WA)

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City Arts
Shaun Keylock Company
Oregon Arts Watch
Seattle Dances
Choreography + Video Design: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Music: “My Prayer” by The Platters, “Bail Hop” by Django Django, “Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem, edited by Tayler Tucker 
Light Design: Oona Kilcommons
Performance (2018):
Shannon Adams, Kara Beadle, Vlad Kremenovic, Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Alex Nystrom, Maya Tacon, Tayler Tucker
Performance (May 2019):
Liane Burns, Kristalyn Gill Earley, Jill Hobbs, Shaun Keylock, Trevor Wilde
Performance (Oct 2019): Shannon Adams, Sophia Arnall, Kara Beadle, Sage King, Vladimir Kremenović,  Alex Nystrom, Maya Tacon, Tayler Tucker

This work features a menagerie of dancers outfitted in pastel wigs and costumes. A camera placed onstage catches these characters in moments of vulnerability, competition, anxiety, and redemption. The image from the camera feeds directly to a projection on the back wall, such that their failures and triumphs can be seen from all angles. Deeply relatable and at times laugh-out-loud funny, Bad! Bad! Bad! is a candy-coated exploration of performativity and imposter syndrome.

Chris Fucile

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 Self Contained

Breathing Apparatus

June 29, 2018- WHYTEBERG x UNDERCURRENT Pop Up Show (Seattle, WA)

September 28-30, 2018- Velocity Dance Center’s FALL KICK OFF! (Seattle, WA)

December 15, 2018- On the Board’s Performance Lab: Five Intervals (Seattle, WA)

March 21, 2019- Alice Gosti’s Gatto Nero (Seattle, WA)

Choreography: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Music: “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna
Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus is an experiment in actively engaging with my internal anxieties and coping mechanisms while improvising in front of an audience. In this work, I use a mylar emergency poncho as both a way to be concealed, as well as permission to open up. The movement fluctuates rapidly between being fearful, and celebratory. The noise of the mylar is reminiscent of the loudness of just existing.

Jim Coleman

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Tantrum Like Noises

May 25-26, 2019- Converge Dance Festival (Portland, OR)

Choreography + Video Design: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Sound Design: Ben Goosman + Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Erika Lygren + Christopher Dennis
Sophia Arnall, Vlad Kremenovic, Sage King, Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Maya Tacon

This work is sourced from a collective archive of memory and responses surrounding the themes of home, loss, paranoia, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The dancers sing a song to the back of the stage, perform how not to sit in a chair (read: how not to feel stable), and execute gestures reminiscent of earthquake drills and safety procedures. It is melancholy, a touch neurotic, witty, and sometimes laugh-out-loud. It is a beautiful, loving, confused, tantrum.

Michelle Smith-Lewis

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The Way

The Night Comes, A Rainstorm Sympathizes, The Stars Smell, Your Basement Shines

June 2016- Senior Thesis Concert (Bennington, VT)

Choreography + Video Design: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Performance: Chloë Engel, Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Dani Robbins
Light Design: Marshall McGraw
Sound Design: Roi Ankori-Karlinsky, Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Musicians: Roi Ankori-Karlinsky, Ned Haweeli, Webb Crawford

Jonathan Barber

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The Way

The Night Comes With Friends Who Always Make It Feel Good

November 2015- Martha Hill Dance Concert (Bennington, VT)

Choreography, Video, + Sound Design: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Performance: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Light Design: Marshall McGraw
Music: “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem

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