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Video Artist
Production Manager
Raised in Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, they graduated with a B.A. from Bennington College in 2016 and are currently based in Seattle.

By hybridizing their experience with dance and video, and actively queering these forms, they create work that challenges rigidity. Often working with elements of humor and spectacle, their pieces revolve around themes such as anxiety, catharsis, paranoia, and nostalgia, but are also inspired by queer feminist writings, science fiction, and cinema. Through a combined exploration of technology/media, the body, and objects, they create experiences that reshape boundaries, and support and encourage radical empathy.

They have participated in artist residencies at EMPAC, Velocity Dance Center and Studio Current and have worked for artists such as Kota Yamazaki, Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko, Liv Fauver, Karthik Pandian, Andros Zins- Browne, Wade Madsen, Heather Kravas, and LanDforms.

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